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As a Woman working in Higher Education -
are there issues and challenges in your professional life

that are costing you and creating dissatisfaction?

Some of the costs to you might be less time with the family you love, frustration with aspects of your work and just experiencing way too much stress?


If yes, you've found the right place...


If YES, research has shown you are not alone.

According to the World Health Organisation,
we spend one-third of our adult life working.

When you are struggling in one area of your professional life,
it can negatively impact on other areas of your life as well.


Some of the issues/challenges my clients have experienced and which are backed up by research are:


  • Trying to juggle work and family and feeling frustrated in both places.
  • Having way too heavy a workload and struggling with delegating, saying no, or asking for more help. 
  • Tired of always having to prove myself.
  • Dealing with difficult colleagues and perhaps my own manager who seem to be blocking the career progress I want to make, or just making life difficult.
  • Feeling invisible at staff meetings - hearing ‘my’ contribution be taken on board when a male colleague voices it ten minutes after me.
  • Managing the high – and often unrealistic - expectations that my students have.



"I want to manage all these situations
and find a balance for myself!"


Here are some of the results that can be achieved
Following the Invest in Yourself Success Path:

  • Communicating confidently at meetings -being more visible
  • Choosing what you say yes to.
  • Feeling organised and on top of your work with streamlined systems to manage workload
  • Overcoming perfectionism to create better balance
  • Reducing the overwhelm and stress in your life
  • Leaving work at work to be fully present at home

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There is hope!! Did you know that Dawn and Sunrises speak of hope and growth? 


I love metaphors from weather.
Perhaps because in Ireland we always talk about it (!)
But also because clouds and fog so describe
the times in my life when I felt stuck!



It's time to Invest in Yourself!!


Photograph courtesy of Niamh Mason http://www.crookedhousephotography.com 

Seeing Through the Clouds

  • What’s life like now? Committing to change.

Clearing the Fog

  • Visioning & Creating a New Reality.

Stepping into Spring 

  • Managing Victories & Slip Ups - Finding New ways of Doing Things.

The final stage of the Invest in Yourself Success Path is called

Walking the Dawn


>Sealing New Behaviors

>Looking Ahead & Celebrating!

Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort, time and energy needed to develop yourself. ―Denis Waitley

I'd love to chat with you about any or all of this
and how you would like to move forward in your Professional and Personal Life. 

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The Wheel of Your Professional and Personal Life:

 How Smooth is Your Ride?

A powerful tool to help you visualize all areas of your life
to help you create balance and achieve greater success!

The Wheel of Your Professional and Personal Life

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Barbara Gilleran MBA
"Kathleen was my coach during an unusually challenging time. She created a safe and supportive environment, especially as I needed someone who could actively listen, be non judgemental and understand my perspective." Click here to keep reading

Denis M Murphy,
University of Limerick

"Kathleen is quite simply one of the nicest, kindest and most genuine people I have ever known. I came to know her while she was mentoring a programme I was on. It was a time of great change in my life and I was especially appreciative of the support Kathleen offered. When the opportunity came up to be coached by her I jumped at the chance."  Click here to keep reading

Josephine Lynch,
Graduate Entry Medical School, University of Limerick

"I worked with Kathleen at a transitional stage in my career, when my job was evolving into a more defined managerial role. I had to move from supervising people while still being a ‘doer’ to a role where I had to consciously manage people, their workloads and their personalities. She made me realise that I could make the transition and achieve my goals as well as achieve what I needed to achieve at work." Click here to keep reading

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